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World laboratory day – visit VelaLabs labs

We want to thank all our laboratory staff today! Thank you for working hard and committed supporting the long process of medication and vaccine development for better health treatment.  Take a look into the laboratories of VelaLabs where research is supported tirelessly. Click HERE for further information on our lab services. Contact us – we
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Incorrect allergen labelling can be life-threatening

Certain foods are triggers for allergies or intolerances. According to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011, there are 14 triggers for allergies or intolerances in the EU. These include: gluten crustaceans eggs fish peanuts soy milk nuts celery mustard sesame seeds sulfur dioxide and sulphites lupins molluscs Consumption of or contact with these can cause symptoms such
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Testing red lentils: pesticide and mineral oil residues found

Especially for health-conscious, vegetarian, or vegan consumers, red lentils are used increasingly during cooking. They are rich in trace elements, dietary fiber, and vegetable protein and thus a good source of nutrients. As a result of the growing demand, the supply of lentil products has also increased in recent years.   Red lentils under the
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L.A.B. introduces in its multi-residue analysis the active ingredient Karanjin

L.A.B. | Laboratorio Analítico Bioclínico, fulfilling its commitment to its clients to improve its analytical services and in response to the recent requirement of the main supermarket chains and intermediaries, has introduced the active ingredient Karanjin in its multi-residue analysis.   Karanjin is a type of flavonoid obtained from the seeds of the karanja tree
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Global Tea Testing by Tentamus

The primary source of tea is in Asia, but enjoyed worldwide. To ensure that the tea is also safe, Tentamus Group provides you with tea testing and consulting services in 3 continents: Asia, Europe and North America. You can choose testing at origin or point of export, or indeed for import and local area conformity.
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Chicken thighs: pathogens spoil the pleasure

Chicken thighs should taste moist, aromatic and tender so that the consumption is a pleasure and not a disappointment. In a recent test, 17 different products were tested and only five were able to convince.   Campylobacter, salmonella, pseudomonads and antibiotic-resistant germs were found   Various pathogens (e.g. Campylobacter) were detected, which cannot be identified
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Making of VelaLabs new Cleanroom

VelaLabs integrated the laboratory LABH in 2020. The laboratory space for microbiology and sterility was reconstructed with Cleanroom Technology Austria. With this brand new facilities and equipment VelaLabs is able to offer a wide range of microbiological services at the highest standards. Watch and see the reconstruction in our video. You want to know more
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4 Food Labelling Challenges Since Brexit

Since Brexit, the UK is now considered a third country. This means that companies exporting from UK to the European Union will have to face different compliance challenges from now on.   Here are 4 challenges to consider:   1. Address on the Label   When exporting to countries within the European Union, it is
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Vegetable baby food tested

The first complementary food is given to babies after about four to seven months, because from this point on milk is no longer sufficient for an optimal nutrition. With vegetable baby food babies get important fiber, vitamins and minerals to help them grow big and strong.   Furan is not part of a healthy diet
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Tentamus Labor in Ihrer Nähe